Come see us....

Come see us.............

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Football Fashion Friday!

One of the newest fashions for sporting events are Gameday Dresses. I haven't seen many, in- fact the first one I saw was a year ago and had been made in Texas. They are gradually making their way north.

2Chick Couture is the only local business that I know of who makes one-of-a-kind Gameday dresses.
All of 2CC K-State items are licensed with the University.

Last night was Purple Poweplay on Poyntz, thanks to those of you who came by our booth. Tonight is the last night  so stop by and get some K-State gear to cheer on the Cats at the first homegame of the season tomorrow!
Our 3 "models" at PPPon Poyntz


  1. Awesome- you are like, famous!!! I might try and stop by tonight and see the booth.

  2. Ha! Maybe someday-we can only hope. It would be great to see you.